Safe Driving

Safe Driving

One should pay full attention while driving a vehicle and completely avoid any distractions. It is also an sunny motor owners responsibility to keep his motor car in the best condition so as to avoid any accident while driving on road. While driving a Motor car the responsibility for ones life and the life of others rests with the driver of the motor Car. Therefore, it is required for an automobile driver to comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by the Traffic department and also drive a motor Car keeping in mind the following tips which would most certainly making the driving experience more pleasurable and safe.

  • Avoid distractions like speaking on the phone, talking to fellow passengers and listening to music while driving.
  • Lane Driving is ALWAYS Sane Driving.
  • Never Drink and Drive.
  • Avoid Road Rage.
  • Adhere to maximum Speed Limits
  • Never Jump a Red Light.

Increase Your Confidence On The Road With Sunny Motor Driving School

Driving Course - 25 Days

17 Days Driving 8 Km per day
1⁄2 hour time per day

5 Simulator Classes - 1⁄2 hr daily

  • 1st day - Training in Fog view
  • 2nd day - Training in Rain view
  • 3rd day - Training in Night view
  • 4th day - Training on turns view
  • 5th day - Training in Traffic jam view

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